A Theory of Dust

by Ivodne Galatea



Second set of continuous composition live looping. Looping as composition and improvisation. All performances in single takes, with one instrument only, in real time.

Real-time redirection of stereo looped results sent to and between different delay types (analog, tape, digital, true-looping) and back and forth between effects units

The convolution is created by having all the looping sent out through a Logidy EPSi. The IR for the first four pieces is of a stone flagged courtyard in Meadows, South Australia, with a pond and a chinese warrior statue, made on a cherry blossom filled spring afternoon. (I use the photo of the moment as my icon) The IR used for the last two pieces is recorded by a stream at Severin Walk in Belmont, Western Australia, on a warm dry winter afternoon.

Output through miniAmbio ambiphonic processor.

The sound-collage of field recordings is realised as a sequence on a Roland SP404SX.

NB People who have already purchased or downloaded Lines of Flight will have this music already. I am preparing these for CDR release which has a 72 minute max, hence the division.


released October 21, 2015

Ivodne Galatea: Hohner Gutiaret, Hohner Pianet, delays
Cameron Byrd: Rokehan

Field recording credits to be added shortly (they are in tracks now)




Ivodne Galatea Nedlands, Australia

Principally playing original compositions of an ambient nature on the Hohner Guitaret as well as other thumb pianos/finger harps/lamellophones.
Interested in orchestration using field recordings, per the great John Cage's suggestions (1937).
The pieces are all pataphysical book reviews. They consist of musical essays on books of the same title that haven't been written, but should have.
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