The Parliament of the Birds

by Bere Farno



This is a sound collage piece, assembled from fragments of recordings of classical instruments both conventional and prepared (piano, harp, flute, cymbal, found percussion). It was written as a program in RAVEL, an AV manipulation language written by Jim Binkley in 1988, sending MIDI commands to a Kurzweil K2000 with the fragments loaded in a rather complex patch.

This was a piece created while explaining it. Whilst explaining to MC (name redacted for privacy, and to be revealed on request) the piece emerged from under my fingers, and was vastly improved over the original conception by the feedback MC gave in real-time (thanks).

The materials had been assembled to illustrate the colloquy of the birds in the trees overhanging the stream by Severn Walk in Belmont, as epitomising the vision of Farid ud-Din Attar.

Scratching around for other material to add to it to make the album worth the purchase, I remixed in 4 new virtual locations, curated by my fellow explorer Cameron Byrd. This made use of Freesound field recordings, detailed in the tracks. The tracks were chosen to have events that matched or contrasted sections of the original collage, or add alternate counter-rhythms.


released October 21, 2015

Bere Farno - RAVEL, tape collage, sampling, Kurzweil K2000
Cameron Byrd - Rokehan
MC - Co-production and design, impetus
Freesounds by kyster, bone666138, klankbeeld, kangaroovindaloo




Ivodne Galatea Nedlands, Australia

Principally playing original compositions of an ambient nature on the Hohner Guitaret as well as other thumb pianos/finger harps/lamellophones.
Interested in orchestration using field recordings, per the great John Cage's suggestions (1937).
The pieces are all pataphysical book reviews. They consist of musical essays on books of the same title that haven't been written, but should have.
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