Around the Lake

from by Ivodne Galatea



Part of a set of Pianet arrangment of the Mbra Great Cycle: V (Mahoro), VI (Nyamamusango) and VI (Taireva)

Live looping with a Pianet and a Strymon El Capistan to enable the Kushaura and Kutsinhira parts to be played solo.

This is a medley of three classic mbira pieces: Maharoro, Nyamusango and Taireva. It completes the cycle of mbira music begun in “The Permanent way”, the diatonic progression through the scale degrees. The cycle is complemented in the second track (“Travelling Light”) with a return to the tonic. All three are very old traditional pieces with a rich legacy. Mahororo (“rest after victory”) begins on the fifth step. Since mbira pieces exist outside formal tonality in the European, and can be seen more as a pattern on a tonally related set of keys, more than one expression of a piece can be made—major or minor for instance. To that end, this version of Mahororo begins in a minor mode (with B flat) and moves half way to a major mode (with B natural). Nyamusango (“feast in the forest”) is here played on the 6th step, with Taireva (“we have already told you”) on the 7th.


from The Rest of the World, released January 20, 2016
IG: Pianet

My thanks to the Freesound contributors for these sounds:
klankbeeld - Cattle In Pasture Nl -
joeladam - Fort Desoto Waves -
csengeri - May Night Rain -
inchadney - Fireplace -
kingsrow - Fire Crackling - and
corsica s - Metalic Birds -
thorvandahl - Forest Light Rain and Wind Bird Song -
kvgarlic - Summeropenfielddusk -
vonora - Sussex Woodland Meadow Bird Sounds Evening -
starlord - Goldengatepark Birds -
kiefspoon - Bird Noise Loudest -
monkey pants - Australian Birdcalls In The Early Morning` -
kyster - Filsoe First Day Of Spring -




Ivodne Galatea Nedlands, Australia

Principally playing original compositions of an ambient nature on the Hohner Guitaret as well as other thumb pianos/finger harps/lamellophones.
Interested in orchestration using field recordings, per the great John Cage's suggestions (1937).
The pieces are all pataphysical book reviews. They consist of musical essays on books of the same title that haven't been written, but should have.
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