The Time Falling Bodies Take to Light

from by Ivodne Galatea



Continuous composition - working in the footsteps of all the standard post-Renaissance intro form pieces.

one continuous take of live-looping to coincide with a LL festival I could never attend.

A Hohner Pianet (keyboard kalimba) through Akai Headrush 2 in tape mode (first 6 mins) Seymour Duncan DejaVu in extended analogue mode (7 mins) and back to Headrush for remainder. All routed through Logidy EPSi convolver with the IR of Serverin Walk, in Belmont WA. F notes somewhat dodgy because of EHX Hum Debugger owing to line loops I can't fix. And my Sony picked up mike noise (keys) as well as the mixer out. But it's obbligato percussion.

Field recordings in a sequence played live from Roland SP404X


from A Theory of Dust, released October 21, 2015
Ivodne Galatea: Hohner Pianet, delays
Cameron Byrd: Rokehan

Field recordings provided by the following generous Freesound users

Felixblume: Thunderstorm in Mexico City. Thunder, rain and some sounds of the city

Inchadney: Cuxhaven Kugelbake

Nightingale in Bornholm and Birdsong from the island of Bornholm in March.

Recording of the winter storm nemo passing through Isle of Skye




Ivodne Galatea Nedlands, Australia

Principally playing original compositions of an ambient nature on the Hohner Guitaret as well as other thumb pianos/finger harps/lamellophones.
Interested in orchestration using field recordings, per the great John Cage's suggestions (1937).
The pieces are all pataphysical book reviews. They consist of musical essays on books of the same title that haven't been written, but should have.
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